Class of 2013 Biathlon

Baba and Shae decide to finish together

Sophomore year means…Sophomore Biathlon, biking and running on the course around campus.  With the threat of a possible storm, hard working and committed sophomores took to the course and finished the biathlon before a single rain drop fell.   Another ideal day in Hawaii for this fitness test.  The competitive spirit of this class was evident as several class of 2013 students knocked off previous top 20 record holders.  On the boys side, J.J maintained the lead throughout the race and finished first in this class and tying for 3rd overall.  Bubba and Shae crossed the finish line together to finish first for the girls.  Following this event, the class officers planned a relaxing day with water slides, pool time and a movie for those who simply wanted to recuperate and rest.

Staying focused


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