Na Mamo: Class of 2011


On Thursday, September 2nd, the senior class traveled to Hapuna Beach Park for an official “ditch day” bonding. The senior class spent the whole day on the west side of the Big Island. It was a day for them to relax together as a class and enjoy the sun. The school provided each student with a bag lunch and water.  Students were allowed to bring snacks to last them the whole day. This was the 3rd year that the seniors had done this and every year it has been a success. The students also enjoyed the relaxation and comfort of Roberts Hawaii motorcoaches.  It was the perfect beginning to the school year.


On September 10, the senior class had a bonding night at Kamehameha High School. The night was complete with a slip and slide going down the middle of the high school campus, music, a movie and refreshments. It was a time for our senior class to hang out together because after all it is their last year. The night started off with spaghetti and manapua for dinner. Throughout the night there were candies for the students to snack on and towards the end of the night ice cream sundae stations with all the toppings were set up for all to enjoy.



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