I Mua Spirit Week


Here at Kamehameha Schools Hawaii High School, we celebrated I Mua  Spirit Week on September 13-17, 2010.  The week was complete with dress up days, activities and a huge football victory.

Monday, September 13: Day 1 was Battle of the 4 Nations which resembled “Avatar: The Last Air Bender.”  On this day, students had to dress up according to their nations. Seniors were the Earth Kingdom, Juniors were Water Tribe, Sophomores were Air Nomads, and Freshmen were the Fire Nation. Our activity for this day included a mini water polo match between the nations.  The catch: all participants had to stay on an inflatable tube or inflatable animal water toy the whole time they were in the water.  It was a fun activity to watch.  In game 1, Air Nomad defeated the Water Tribe.  In game 2, Earth Kingdom beat the Fire Nation.  In the final showdown, the Earth Kingdom dominated the Air Nomads.  It was a great kick-off to an awesome week!

 Tuesday, September 14: Day 2 was a Red Carpet Affair Day. Everyone dressed as if they were going to a Hollywood premiere or as an actress or actor. On that day we had an I Mua week idol activity during lunch. Students did karaoke to a song of their choice. 

 Wednesday, September 15: Day 3 was Hanabata Days. It was a day where students could dress up as they did when they were younger. A blind-folded baby feeding activity was held during lunch. Student council made pudding topped it off with bananas and whip cream. The object of the activity was to have both team members blind-folded, while their “coach” gave directions to the feeder as they fed their team member.  It was a messy, but fun activity and participants commented on how yummy the pudding was. 

 Thursday, September 16: Day 4 was Psychedelic Day. It was a 70’s theme dress up day and a lot of people (faculty, staff and students) made their own tie-dye shirts. Everyone was happy and feeling groovy, as they were able to have lunch and enjoy a little Zumba workout!

Friday, September 17: Day 5 was our traditional Class Color Day. Each year, the last day of our I Mua Week showcases a powderpuff football game between the classes and a Male Cheerleading Competition. All students showed their support by wearing their class colors Seniors: gray, Juniors: green, Sophomores: yellow, and Freshmen: red.  In round 1 of the powderpuff football games, the Sophomores defeated the Seniors and the Juniors were victorious over the Freshman.  The final game between the Juniors and Sophomores was not played because the Male Cheerleading Competition went overtime.  Stay tuned, as we hope to get final game played soon.

Although the planning of this week was challenging along the way, students, faculty and staff enjoyed all festivities.  The highlight, of course, was our football team’s 20-17 overtime victory over the reigning BIIF Division II champs, HPA.



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  1. Janae Castillo Said:

    I enjoyed reading the posts, especially the ones with pictures. I would like to suggest that the “boom boom revolution be posted as well.

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